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A contemporary theology series

Theology Live is a podcast and public event that wrestles with life's most compelling and unsettling questions. 

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Theology Live with Rev. Katherine Bush

Join us on Thursday, May 10, for an enlivening discussion with the Rev. Katherine Bush as we explore the poetry of "Practicing Resurrection." Taken from a line in Wendell Berry's poem, "Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front," Practicing Resurrection is an evening of poetry sharing and group engagement.

As always, free childcare will be provided at Grace St. Luke's Episcopal Church. For questions, please email Children's Education Director, Sharon Campbell:

Thursday, May 10
6:30 p.m.
Church Health Community Room
Crosstown Concourse
350 Concourse Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104


A creative preacher and teacher, the Rev. Katherine Bush will present a two-part series titled: "Fake News & Good News: answering lies the world tell us with stories from scripture"

Katherine is the chaplain at St. Mary's Episcopal School in Memphis. She is a graduate of Rhodes College and Virginia Theological Seminary. In the Diocese of West Tennessee, Katherine has served as Associate Priest at the Church of Holy Communion and as Canon at St. Mary's Cathedral. Katherine is also published in Feasting on the Word, a highly acclaimed biblical commentary.

Katherine and her husband Stephen and their two children, John and Henry, attend Grace-St. Luke's.